Safety Policy

Safety Policy

At Walco we believe all accidents can and must be prevented whenever possible. Safety is a top priority, we work to encourage safe behaviors, it is part of the culture. In fact, our mantra is "No Production in Lieu of Safety".

We do not believe accidents occur by chance. We firmly believe that accidents are caused. We also believe that accidents can be prevented by creating a safe work environment, making safe work habits everyone's responsibility and providing safety training. That is why we have a safety committee that meets monthly, and conducts internal inspections and audits of work areas and work activity. In addition to our daily emphasis on safety, we employ a professional firm that conducts ongoing training. This ensures the most up-to-date information, compliant with OSHA regulations and best business practices.

The commitment, level of participation and accountability of each team member is evidenced by our outstanding record. As of October 2007, Walco had reached the unprecedented milestone of 1,000 days without a loss time incident.

All Walco team members expect an attitude and behavior from one another that not only encourages but will ensure a safe workplace.

Certifications and Associations

ISO 9002 Compliant
AAR M-1003 Certified by the Association of American Railroads
UL Certified
EASA – Electrical Apparatus Service Association
CSIA – Control Systems Integrators Association
AIST – Association for Iron and Steel Technology
IEEE – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers